Why Most People Fail Their Driving Tests Before They 
Even Get Behind The Wheel

Ready To Pass Your Driving Test While Actually Becoming A Good Driver?
If you’re:
  •  Scared to get behind the wheel and feel like nobody understands
  • ​A parent who wants your child to not just pass their driving test, but also be safe (and avoid accidents) on the road
  • ​Fed up with failing your driving tests and not knowing why
  • ​Sick and tired of paying expensive driving schools who take your money and teach next to nothing
Then you need to read this!
Get ready to discover:
  • The one mistake 99.9% of people who fail their driving tests make...and no, it has NOTHING to do with parallel parking!
  • ​Why driving school alone will NEVER be enough to prepare you for driving in real life!
  • ​The 3 biggest ways to improve your driving BEFORE you even get in the car!
Hi, I’m Marcy.

After 18 years as one of the most respected and sought after driving instructors in my city, I had enough. 

Enough of the lies…
Enough of the disappointments…
Enough of the crashes that could have been avoided…

See, I don’t just train teenagers and new drivers.

A lot of my students had already been through the ringer a few times:

Like Joan, who spent over $2,500.00 on other “driving schools,” only to repeatedly fail her tests.

Or Kelly, who paid multiple other instructors but was still too scared to drive on her own.

Or Peter, who got his license but got into 2 collisions in his first year.

They all had one thing in common…

One thing their previous instructors failed to see…

One thing that would’ve saved thousands of dollars and months of headaches…

I’ll tell you what that is in just a minute.

But first, let’s talk about why you’re here today:

It’s probably one of two reasons:

1. You’re a parent looking for driving lessons for your child. You’re looking for someone to make sure your child has everything they need to pass their test, but also be safe and secure on the road down the line.

2. You’re a driver who needs some help before your road test. Either it’s your first time and you’re a bit nervous, or you’ve failed before and you realize something’s missing.

Either way, you’re in the right place!

After 18 years, I’ve seen it all. In fact, I got a reputation with driving instructors as a “Fixer”.

Other instructors send me their “problem students.” You know, the ones who, no matter what they tried, just couldn’t figure it out.

Some failed their tests a bunch of times.

Others were too scared to drive alone.

Still others were completely fine until it came time to park...then they’d freeze up in the middle of the road or parking lot.

I fixed ‘em all.

After 18 years, I perfected my system of teaching...it’s why my students’ success rate is almost 100%.

But there’s more!

I don’t “teach to the test”...my students pass their road tests precisely because that’s the last thing they’re thinking about.

Instead, I focus on becoming a competent, confident driver.

Surprisingly, most driving schools DON’T do this.

Which brings me to the one thing I talked about earlier…

The one thing that causes most people to fail their tests before they even get behind the wheel.

The one thing every “problem student” I get is missing…

A foundation!

Sounds real simple, right?

That’s because it is!

It’s really simple, but most driving schools don’t do this.

That’s truly the secret to my students’ success:

Instead of teaching to the test, I build a solid foundation with my students.

That way, when test time comes, it’s less of an exam and more like second nature.

Just check out what some of my students had to say:
Like I said, over the last 18 years I’ve perfected this system of foundation-first driving.

Once you have a solid foundation, all of the normally “scary” things:
  • ​Parallel parking
  • ​Backing into a spot
  • ​Merging onto the highway
Become a breeze! Because you’re just building on your foundation, using the skills you already have!

I’ve had great success with my students, but I realized I could do more.

A lot more.

Obviously, I’m pretty limited with the number of people I can teach 1-on-1.

But I knew I needed to help more people.

So I got to work. I spent months with my current and former students.

I dissected every part of my system...exactly how I teach foundation-first…

So my students pass their road tests, stay safe on the road, and are consistently able to improve their skills months or even years after learning from me.

Once I broke down the system piece by piece, I put it back together inside my new program:

Digital Driver Education - The Complete Foundation-First Approach For Safe Drivers!

Inside, you’ll discover:
  • ​The actual first thing you should do when you get behind the wheel...and no, it’s not “fasten your seatbelt”
  • ​A simple mental hack to make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings - avoid collisions before they happen!
  • ​Why what you do before you put the key in the ignition is more important than anything you do once your foot hits the gas
  • ​How and why you need to check your blind spots...plus, what your examiner looks for - screw this up, and you’ll be taking your test again in 6 months
  • ​EXACTLY where your blind spots are. This includes an aerial view of your car and all the things your mirrors don’t see
Turn And Merge
  • ​The only time you should change lanes without checking your blind spot...yes, this situation actually exists!
  • ​The 3 keys to making a proper right turn...forget any one of them, and your examiner might forget to give you your license
  • ​Why left turns are actually easier than right ones - this makes no sense until you hear it. Then you’ll wonder why it took so long to click!
  • ​How to turn without stopping...this is an important skill, because the driver behind you may not be paying attention. Turn too slowly, and you could have an accident. Whether you’re a parent or driver yourself, you don’t want this to happen.
  • ​A handy checklist for navigating stop signs...you’re expected to know this, so the checklist is a great way to remember!
  • ​How to turn around in almost any situation: when you have no room...when it’s illegal to do a U-Turn...even when you’re being chased by sword-carrying bears running on two legs!
  • ​Where to look when changing lanes for a smooth, controlled merge
  • ​How a right turn on the road can help you on the highway
  • ​The secret to backing up your car in a parking lot and at full speed...it’s amazing how many people get this wrong, and how useful it is when you get it right!
  • ​How to park next to the curb without driving into it and damaging your tires
  • ​Why it’s actually easier to park in reverse, how to do it, and why it would actually save you a bundle with the insurance company (parents, pay attention here)
  • ​ Every driver’s worst nightmare - Parallel Parking!
  • How to get started with parallel parking in an easy, risk-free way...once you master this, parallel parking is a breeze!
This program gives you a rock-solid foundation to become a great, safe driver!

Remember, you can’t anticipate everything, BUT most accidents are prevented before you get behind the wheel.

Meaning, if you’re a driver or the parent of a young driver, you want to do everything possible to make sure accidents don’t happen.

And Digital Driver Education is hands-down the best way to prevent accidents BEFORE they happen!

Let me prove it to you:

I want to make it an absolute no-brainer for you to reset your driving foundation with this program.

Look at it this way:

For 1-on-1 driving lessons, I charge $60/hour. My minimum package is 10 hours. Or $600.00. 

In-class driving school can cost up to $1,000.00.

So add that up:

$1,600.00 down the tubes, and there’s no guarantee you or your child actually has the skills to be a good driver. 

You may not even pass your test. That’s a lot of time wasted, just to do it all again in 6 months (some places make you wait 6 months to retake. Others are just booked out that far in advance).

But, here’s your solution!

I’m going to save you well over $1,000.00 and tons of time.

See, I was originally planning to charge $197 for this program. And even at that price, it would be a steal!

But, I want to make sure this program is completely affordable and the easiest decision you make this week.

So, for a LIMITED time only, you get unlimited, YEARLY access to Digital Driver Education for just:
But that’s not all!

Because I don’t just want you completely prepared for the road, I also want to give you the best chance possible of passing your test…

Which is why I’m including 4 amazing fast-action bonuses when you invest in Digital Driver Education today!
1. The Examiner’s Guide To Passing Your Test!

I’m really proud of this one...remember, I’ve been a driving instructor for over 18 years, so I’ve developed a lot of relationships in that time.

Including with many road test examiners. You know, those people who get in the car and make you wish you were never born?

They’re actually pretty nice (most of the time), and you’ll feel the same after going through this bonus!

I had the chance to sit down and interview an examiner. He holds nothing back. 

He goes into a ton of detail about what he wants and doesn’t want to see on a road test:
  • ​What your eyes should be doing at ALL times during a road test...and no, the answer isn’t “staring straight ahead” or “trying not to look at your phone”
  • ​The difference between being physically and mentally prepared for your test...this missing link is key to why most people fail
  • ​Why thinking like a musician will get you much further than spending hours in the car
  • ​How to make most people think you’re psychic while seriously impressing your examiner - get this right and they might just “forget” about the small mistakes
  • The other thing you should always look for when driving. The examiner can tell when you’re not, which lets them throw you a curveball. Don’t give them the chance!
  • ​Why learning to drive from parents could do more harm than good
  • ​This simple maneuver everyone who fails their driving test forgets...drill it into your memory, and increase your chances of passing by 50% immediately!
  • ​The one “secret test” examiners give to see if you’re really ready to drive on your own - schools that teach to the test will never tell you about this!
  • ​How to train your brain to predict accidents before they happen...so you can make sure they don’t!
  • ​What babies can teach you about becoming a great driver
  • ​The most ridiculous thing driving schools teach because they think it’s what the examiner wants to see...in fact, this is completely dangerous and more likely to get you into a crash (you’ll have much bigger things to worry about than passing your test)
2. The Hidden Secrets Of Highway Driving

I know highway driving is scary. If you’ve never driven on the highway before, or you’ve gotten into an accident in the “fast lane”, the highway can be seriously intimidating. 

That’s why I created this bonus, to give you a complete breakdown of the steps to take so you can drive comfortably and confidently on the highway!

You’ll discover:
  • ​The main reason highway driving seems so scary...how your body normally adapts...and how to make sure you adjust the right way
  • ​Where you need to look while driving on the highway...this huge distinction between road and highway driving will be the key to your success!
  • ​The secret to “merging”...once you think of it in this simple way instead of a scary event (i.e. driving into traffic), you’ll be able to safely merge without thinking
  • ​How to ease your way onto the highway your first few times to get comfortable...this seems simple, but you’d be surprised how few people actually do it
  • How to navigate curves at top speed. Don’t worry, this is easy if you know what to focus on.
  • ​Tips to avoid skidding (or flying off the highway) when taking a curve in poor weather
  • ​How to stop your brakes from overheating...good for keeping maintenance costs down
  • ​Hills and highways...do’s and don’ts to avoid a head-on collision when you have no idea what’s on the other side
  • ​Why hydroplaning happens and how to avoid it
  • ​What to do if your car starts hydroplaning (skidding without control when it’s raining)
  • ​The one thing you MUST NEVER do if you start hydroplaning
  • ​How to prevent hydroplaning before it happens...can you tell how seriously I take this?
  • ​How to avoid being blinded by other drivers in a rainstorm
  • ​Keeping a safe distance between cars on the highway...it’s way different than the road
  • ​Things to be aware of with your own body to make sure you don’t catch police attention
3. Hazard Perception Video Game

This one’s fun! Hazards are something every driver must be aware of, but driving schools do a terrible job of teaching this. That is, if they teach hazard perception at all.

Hazards are all the little things you must watch out for on the road or highway. These things aren’t a big deal when walking. 

But when driving, they could mean the difference between arriving safely and arriving in an ambulance. So, to take the pressure off and make things a bit more fun, I created this little video game. 

It’s a simulation that takes you through a series of different situations, and your objective is to spot as many hazards as you can. That way you can make all your mistakes virtually instead of on the road. 

It’s a lot cheaper (and much less traumatic) to get into an accident in a video game, trust me :)

4. The Top 10 Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

And finally, I put together a super quick and dirty cheat sheet for you. If all you care about is passing your driving test, then this is priceless.

Memorize (and do) these ten things, and you’ll be set. Tie this into bonus 1 (my interview with the driving test examiner) and you’re golden.

These are good rules anyway, but they’re exactly what you need to have in your mind when you go in for your test.
And I’m still not done! I want you to be completely confident on the road and during the test, so I’m making you this rock-solid guarantee:

Take 90 days...that’s 3 months. Learn everything you can from this program. Take notes, absorb the bonuses, play the video game as many times as you want.

If you’re not satisfied anytime (even on day 89), just email me and I’ll give you a full refund.

I’m so confident this program will work, I’m betting you real money you’ll get your license.

I can’t think of a single driving school that comes close to this level of confidence (and they charge ten times what I do) or offers a guarantee.

So at this point you have a choice to make:

Either try and do it on your own. Waste time and money on test fees. Maybe you’ll pass. Or maybe you’ll have to wait ANOTHER 6 months for your next chance.

Or you can pay an expensive driving school. That’s a lot more money with absolutely no guarantee of success.

OR, you can join Digital Driver Education right now! You can start the program immediately, and start seeing real results tomorrow!

I’m not just confident you’ll pass your driving test, I’m actually betting my own money that you succeed.  

So go ahead and click the button below, join Digital Driver Education, and I’ll see you on the inside!

Marcy Hutton
Founder, Digital Driver Education
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I do this online? Don’t I need to take lessons?

Yes and no.  You should definitely have good practice behind the wheel. This program isn’t designed to make you a great driver in an afternoon. Instead, it’s designed to give you a strong foundation. You may want to book a lesson with a local driving school to get familiar with the testing area. Ask them to do a "mock road test" with you.

Most driving schools follow a “teach to the test” model, which is great if all you want is to get your license.

BUT, if you want to be able to think quickly in dangerous situations, act properly when you run into a hazard, and avoid accidents in real time, you need a strong foundation.

You just don’t get that with most driving schools.

Once you have a foundation, you’ll be much more comfortable behind the wheel. 

Meaning, you’ll need fewer in-car lessons, if you even need any at all.

Meaning, you’ll save money AND be a better driver.

2. I’ve already failed my road test 3 times. Why would this time be any different?

Generally, driving schools “teach to the test”. In theory, this is a good idea. But the problem is most instructors don’t care if you can actually drive properly.

That means when you go in for the test, if things aren’t exactly like the way you practiced, you’re unprepared.

And you’ll probably fail your test.


Driving is unpredictable. You or your child need to be prepared for anything, not just the typical checkmarks on the road test.

If you’re better prepared and more confident behind the wheel, you’ll do much better on your test!

3. I’m scared to drive, and paranoid about getting into an accident. How can this help?

After 18 years as an instructor, I noticed one thing every scared/paranoid driver has in common:

They’re missing a basic foundation.

Almost always, there’s a gap in their understanding of the basics. Then, when something happens that highlights the gap, that’s all they can think about.

They focus on what they don’t know (instead of what they do know), but they don’t make an effort to fix it.

Because they don’t know how.

That’s why the first part of this program is heavily focused on the basics. By making sure there are no gaps in your foundation, it’s so much easier to develop into a great driver quickly!

The foundation part of this course will drive your confidence through the roof!

That way, when you get behind the wheel, you’ll be all set!

4. Is there a guarantee?

Of course! I’m so confident this will work for you, I’m offering an unbeatable guarantee:

Take 90 days...that’s 3 months. Learn everything you can from this program. Take notes, absorb the bonuses, play the video game as many times as you want.

If you’re not satisfied anytime (even on day 89), just email me and I’ll give you a full refund.

I’m so confident this program will work, I’m betting you real money you’ll get your license.

I can’t think of a single driving school that comes close to this level of confidence (and they charge ten times what I do) or offers a guarantee.